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Beer Chandelier | $599.00

While I can admit that this is not the classiest decorative piece that you could throw up in your bachelor pad, it does have a place in every college frat and man cave. Your wife may hate it but your...

Cyclone Cocktail Mixer | $18.00

This is probably a killer with the ladies. Nothing sexier than coming back from the club or lounge with a quality girl and whipping her up a quality cocktail. Step up your game and grab one today.

Hollowed Out Book Flask | $56.00

Hollowed out book flask. Genius. They should make a hollowed out flask version of anything, so no matter where I am in my house I am close to a drink..

Slate Coaster Set | $16.00

Slate coasters are gorgeous. Perfect combination of manly and stylish. Grab them now, and take your bachelor pad to the next level!

One Fuckin’ Drop at a Time | $14.95

This stuff is made with ghost peppers, and if you know your hot sauce these things are ridiculous. The only way to understand it is to put a fuckin’ drop on your tongue!  

Bacon T-Shirt | $19.99

Great gift for the bacon lover in your life. Or just for a good laugh. Either way with this great fitting, high quality bacon tee, you can’t go wrong.

Whiskey Stones | $13.95


Range Smart Thermometer | $59.99

The Range Smart Thermometer was a project on kick starter that passed with flying colors. It received the necessary funding and now is available for you to purchase at the link below. Perfect burgers...

Handspresso Outdoor Set | 187.99

Finally Nespresso on the go. The sleek design of this Nespresso Outdoor Set offers the beauty of Nespresso on the go, with a stylish sleek look.


. Don’t settle for eating chard and burned drumsticks ever again. With the King Kooker 2-Slot Leg and Wing Grill Rack Your drumsticks will always be juicy and golden brown. A must have for all...

PIZZA CONES | $21.59

. Wow. Your really can’t say enough about the genius that are the Pizzacraft Pizza Cones. These may be the most appetizing things I have ever seen in my life. They speak for themselves. . . . .

SKULL SHOT GLASS (4) | $10.58

    . Very cool set of 4 skull shot glasses. Good for any collection or just being badass in general. . . . .

SKULL GLASS | $17.95

. Really cool skull glass. Because drinking out of a regular cup is so mainstream. . . . .


. The Loof Lighter is the best solution to fire starting since…well the lighter. No more hassling in the wind or trying to get coal to light. The Loof Lighter is the grill masters best friend....


. The skull shot glass has a great look to it. Extremely stylish and a great addition for any collector, or heavy drinker =D.  . . . .


BEER BELLY | $19.50


BBQ APRON | $34.99


  . The Kettle Pizza BBQ Insert is a must have for any grill happy men. Why cook a pizza in the oven when you can throw it on the grill! . . . .

GLOW PONG | $18.90

THE MAN BOWL | $23.53

BEER KIT | $39.95


THRONGS | $24.95

COFFEE MUG | $14.99

  . This is hilarious, plus its true! Put a smile on your face every time you go to have a cup of joe. . . . .