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Coldblood Art Paintball Masks | $80+

The Coldblood Art Paintball masks are so bad ass I cannot even handle it. They are comfortable, they fit great, and yeah..they speak for themselves. Check them out below and share this with your...

Beer Chandelier | $599.00

While I can admit that this is not the classiest decorative piece that you could throw up in your bachelor pad, it does have a place in every college frat and man cave. Your wife may hate it but your...

Cyclone Cocktail Mixer | $18.00

This is probably a killer with the ladies. Nothing sexier than coming back from the club or lounge with a quality girl and whipping her up a quality cocktail. Step up your game and grab one today.

Hollowed Out Book Flask | $56.00

Hollowed out book flask. Genius. They should make a hollowed out flask version of anything, so no matter where I am in my house I am close to a drink..

The Dark Knight Trilogy | $80.49

An ode to in my opinion the best batman trilogy ever created. I can’t stop watching these, so if your like me, this collectors edition is a must have.

Slate Coaster Set | $16.00

Slate coasters are gorgeous. Perfect combination of manly and stylish. Grab them now, and take your bachelor pad to the next level!

Offensive Business Cards | $14.99

These are pretty awesome. I really needed these for the Colombian woman who used to park next to me at work and would leave me about a foot to get out of my car. Check them out and customize them to...

Beard Shampoo | $24.00

Beard Wash is brought to you by the beard buddy shop Bears experience a lot of wear and tear and the Beard Buddy Beard Wash is just the thing it needs. Beard Buddy beard wash is a genuine, beard...

The Gentleman’s Apron | $64.99

The gentleman’s apron is ideal for the handyman around the house.  This garment is not only incredibly functional but it is stylish and incredible well crafted. Its easy tool access and...

Square Beam LED Flashlight | $59.99

One Fuckin’ Drop at a Time | $14.95

This stuff is made with ghost peppers, and if you know your hot sauce these things are ridiculous. The only way to understand it is to put a fuckin’ drop on your tongue!  

Parrot AR Drone | $299.95

. . . .

Batman Bookshelf | $287.00

The batman bookshelf has a real clean look to it. Its not just some goofy duper hero memorabilia you want to put in your living room. Its actually looks good. I think you may have found a loophole to...

Bacon T-Shirt | $19.99

Great gift for the bacon lover in your life. Or just for a good laugh. Either way with this great fitting, high quality bacon tee, you can’t go wrong.

Whiskey Stones | $13.95


Range Smart Thermometer | $59.99

The Range Smart Thermometer was a project on kick starter that passed with flying colors. It received the necessary funding and now is available for you to purchase at the link below. Perfect burgers...

Ring Clock | $195.00

  The ring clock is a project on Indiegogo at the moment. If you donate $195.00 for the production you will receive one of the first Ring Clocks produced, ever. Plus it will save you $55.00....

Adult Big Wheel | $750.00

Whats better than having a big wheel when you were a kid? Having it when your 30! The High Roller Adult Big Wheel is will bring you back to the best days of your life!

Handspresso Outdoor Set | 187.99

Finally Nespresso on the go. The sleek design of this Nespresso Outdoor Set offers the beauty of Nespresso on the go, with a stylish sleek look.

Stone Drink Dispenser | $124.95

Impress your guests or just drink in style with these beautiful stone drink dispensers. These are perfect for chilling by the fire pit, or having a Sunday afternoon barbecue by the pool.

Rolling Garment Bag | $500.00

This Rolling Garment Bag by Jos. A Bank is the ultimate in style and convenience. Perfect for any business man, scratch that, perfect for any man.

Fingerprint Gun Vault | $99.99

The Gunvault GV1000D Mini Vault Deluxe is one of the most hightech, compact, top of the line gun vaults on the market today. When guns are involved, there is nothing more serious than keeping your...


TREBUCHET | $199.99

. Have your own backyard mid-evil Trebuchet. Whether you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse or just planning on storming some castle in the near future. This is sure to fill your needs! . . . .


. Don’t settle for eating chard and burned drumsticks ever again. With the King Kooker 2-Slot Leg and Wing Grill Rack Your drumsticks will always be juicy and golden brown. A must have for all...

PIZZA CONES | $21.59

. Wow. Your really can’t say enough about the genius that are the Pizzacraft Pizza Cones. These may be the most appetizing things I have ever seen in my life. They speak for themselves. . . . .

ZIPBUDS | $20.17

. Finally some tangle free headphones. Nothing is worse than being ready to go on a run and having to spend 20 minutes detangling my apple headphones. ZipBuds will not only stay tangle free, but...

SKULL SHOT GLASS (4) | $10.58

    . Very cool set of 4 skull shot glasses. Good for any collection or just being badass in general. . . . .

SKULL GLASS | $17.95

. Really cool skull glass. Because drinking out of a regular cup is so mainstream. . . . .


BB GUN PISTOL | $30.55

. The Smith and Wesson M&P BB Gun Pistol is a lot of badass and a lot of fun combined. The gun has the weight and feel of a real pistol and some of the best accuracy offered in a BB Gun Pistol. ....


. The Jetlev aquaflyer is one of the coolest things to come out in years. Flying around the water in this thing is sure to be an incredible time. Rent or by one for yourself below! . . . .

SEX PANTHER | $37.50

. Sex Panther straight from Anchor man. You know they’ve done studies. 60% of the time it works, Every Time! Best part is, this version doesn’t smell like big-foots dick! . . . .

BMF WALLET | $24.75

. The Original Bad Mother Fucker Wallet. For all you Bad Ass Mother Fuckers. Beware of knockoffs, this is the authentic piece, and its pretty Bad Ass! . . . .


. The Loof Lighter is the best solution to fire starting since…well the lighter. No more hassling in the wind or trying to get coal to light. The Loof Lighter is the grill masters best friend....


. A toilet fit for a king. Literally! Enjoy your bathroom time even more and start shitting like royalty with the Herbeau Toilet Throne. . . . .

9MM HEADPHONE | $159.00

. Munitio 9mm headphones are not only badass but they are top of the line. They are well built, the sound quality and bass is amazing. Plus it doesn’t hurt to look cool wearing them. . . . .


. Up your game with the SKLZ basketball shot return. Take 500% more shots everyday and take your game to the next level. . . . .


. Knock the absolute shit out of someone with these Tazer Knuckles. Because why not. . . . .


. The skull shot glass has a great look to it. Extremely stylish and a great addition for any collector, or heavy drinker =D.  . . . .


. Never lose your remote again. The pillow remote is a great gag gift that is actually useful. Actually I guarantee I would still lose this shit! For more stuff like this check out cool gadgets for...




. Talk about badass. The SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle by Carmatech is one of the most badass pieces of equipment I have ever seen. Not only does it look awesome, but it performs awesome too....




MACHETE | $18.10


. Suit up! You’ll always be looking sharp when you rock Barney’s Suitjama’s. These incredible suit pajamas are the official how I met your mother version and are now available for...


  . The Kettle Pizza BBQ Insert is a must have for any grill happy men. Why cook a pizza in the oven when you can throw it on the grill! . . . .







HORSE HEAD | $14.88

. This mask is hilarious! Be the life of the party wherever you go. Prefect for pranks and EDM concerts. This mask just generates all the attention. . . . .

CARD SHARK | $4.99

LAZY TEE | $18.99






\ . Never lose charge away from home again. Keep this little bastard in your briefcase or car and your good to go. . . . .



. The picture says it all. Where was this thing when I was growing up! But having it when your 24 isnt so bad either!  The above video is a modded version of the Nerf Gatling Gun called the Vulcan...

COFFEE MUG | $14.99

  . This is hilarious, plus its true! Put a smile on your face every time you go to have a cup of joe. . . . .